We provide solutions to parents or individuals who are looking for non-invasive, non-medicated and safe means for their children or themselves to address conditions that cause distractibility, lack of focus, inabilities to sustain concentration for extended periods of time.  Corporations, Schools, and Athletes require high levels of focus so any impairment can lead to issues. These issues can be caused by many traditionally named conditions like ADD/ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, and Head Injuries. These solutions also benefit athletes and professionals who want to improve their performance on the field of play or in the board room. AHPI is dedicated to helping you get your focus.

We can accomplish this by using two highly published and accepted therapies, Neurofeedback and IV (Intravenous) therapies.  Used alone or in combination, their effectiveness has been proven through years of research and clinical use.  AHPI is committed to advancing YOUR health by thoroughly testing metabolic and neuro-analytical markers the same way hospitals and research facilities do.  Our team of has over 25 years of medical and therapeutic experience so you can be assured of qualified and experienced staff.

Welcome to the Advanced Health and Performance Institute!